The Ritzy Rose

At your wedding, your flowers can be a spark of colour amongst a sea of white, the excentuating element of your own personal style or that subtle elegant item that is perfectly understated. The amount of flowers present varies from one wedding to another, however I have not yet been to a wedding where there was not a bouquet of some sort.

Some people are just not into flowers though, so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary for your wedding I am sure you know now that Etsy is a great place to look.

The bower bird style bouquet from The Ritzy Rose with its collection of brooches is an instant family heirloom. It is destined to be put away in a special place and brought out on those rainy days for some time to reminisce.

Beautiful ranunculus handcrafted in paper can be made to suit the colour pallet of your wedding by Sunny and Stumpy and for those on a tight budget, some skill and time to dedicate to the cause, Sunny and Stumpy also have the template listed on their store.

Dusty pinks fabrics and lovely laces are a romantic combination in the modern/vintage style of Cultivar. and another bouquet with a gorgeous balance of modern and vintage can be found in the store of Metallic Bloom, with handmade flowers that are embellished with pearls, vintage jewelry, brooches, beads and crystals.

Etsy Bouquets

Natural emu feathers, vintage buttons and fabric magnolias in this piece by Designs of White Willow has a beautiful balance of colours and although it is quite striking, it is by no means overpowering.

The whimsical touch of pinwheels from Rule 42 is so appealing and perfect for the couple looking for that bit of eccentricity to stand out on their day. They also have oversized pinwheels for the bridesmaids and tiny pinwheels for the boys boutonneire, they have thought of everything.

Felt flowers together with a collection of buttons, brooches and chunky stitches gives the bouquet by Miss Jennifer Rae  a completely tactile feel.

Photographs from the respective etsy stores