Looking back on my wedding photos I realised the importance of nice cufflinks. While at the time we were quite fussy about the cufflinks we chose I was not fully aware of the ramifications if we had not been able to get what we wanted. You see while they might seem to be a minor detail in the scheme of things, in the end they can be quite apparent in your photographs, which for a lot of people (including myself) are a very big part of the day. You can see Daragh’s cufflink quite clearly in this pic posted as one of my Photo Fridays a few weeks ago.

For this reason my advice is to have something quite simple and while it might seem like a harmless place for future hubby to be a bit wacky, I just don’t think this is the place for little lego men or Star Wars memorabilia. So on one of my regular Etsy searches I came across a lovely range which I offer as my suggestions. Most of these have a silver or brushed metal finish, similar to the ones we had for our wedding but I also think simple wood like the ones from bcrdesigns or subtle colour in the maps from Juanitas would also look lovely.

If it suits your guys personality the steampunk style of the upcycled timepiece cufflinks have a great texture to them, like the ones I have included by Inspired by Elizabeth.

When looking for something on Etsy you can find some lovely one-off items which is great, but can be a pain when searching for a number of the same item for everyone in your bridal party. Just remember Etsy is full of great people who love what they do and want to help you. Most of them are more than willing to make more for you and will do good deals on multiple orders, you just have to ask (and allow enough time).

Wood textured cufflinks by Block Party Press
Carpet of Leaves by Redbike,
Lovely map cufflinks from Jaunitas might represent your history.
Timber cufflinks by brcdesigns would be a contrast to a white shirt but still have an elegant simplicity.
Royal Countess offers personalised your cufflinks with your initials
Steampunk cufflinks by Inspired by Elizabeth