Inkodye, by Lumi, is one of the success stories to come out of kickstarter, it is a clever product that allows you to expose an image on fabric. It is kind of like screen printing where you get to skip a step or two.

Ages ago a friend bought me an Inkodye pack. I was so excited, but it took me so long to get around and use it. I felt I wanted to design something worthy of the process, but this required some spare time(which I don’t seem to have enough of), so instead of putting it off any longer I decided to make some t-shirts with Ava using found objects. I had seen a lot of beautiful images on pinterest and instagram where they had used leaves and flowers but we decided to go with crochet doilies.


I did the painting of the Inkodye onto the t-shirts and Ava chose her doilies and put them down as she liked. Then we popped on a piece of glass (which I had pinched from an old picture frame) and took it outside. It was a lot of fun to watch the colour appear and grow stronger in the sunlight.

The edges were a bit soft because of the thickness of the doilies but with film or paper cutouts it would be nice and crisp. I am really looking forward to doing some new designs with this and there is no shortage of inspiration on the net, here are a few of my favourites from Urban Comfort and Jessica Jones at How about Orange.

Inkodye Inspiration