I have slight obsession with interior design and decoration and luckily for those around me (a little dissapointing for me) I live in a rental so I can’t go crazy changing walls or tearing out the kitchen. This means my focus is on the things around the house that can change; furniture, soft furnishings and decoration.
For some time now I have had a plan to sort out my living room, it is quite a mix of things that have been added to our collection over the years and I would like it to be a bit more co-ordinated, have a bit more style and something to brighten it up a little. Along with the strange avocado/olive green walls (depending on what time of day it is) a few things wont be changing for now. Bigger items like our couch have to stay and our vintage sideboard needs a revamp, which will happen a bit further down the track. But I do have plenty of ideas for the other bits and bobs, some storage for Ava’s toys and the toys themselves will all be a part of it.

With all these ideas running around in my head bumping into each other, I decided to get something down on paper so to speak and do a mood board. The colours I am going to use are dark blues, greys and yellow and I already feel uplifted by the colour combination.

Lounge Mood Board

The painted yellow chair actually represents a dolls high chair that we are going to spray yellow. I would like to make a number of cushions from a mixture of new and recycled materials. The Blue rug and storage pictured are both from Ikea, I am not sure if this is exactly what we will go for but they have the right vibe. Those storage boxes fit perfectly under a coffee table we already have that currently sits against the wall and acts as a play-table for Ava. It would be great to have a clock in this space for Ava, as well as a mirror and some framed pics, I don’t want it to be too cluttered so I will have to be careful when it comes to these elements.

Just working on the mood board and collecting all the pics of bright yellow objects put me in a good mood so I can’t wait until I make some real progress on this project.