Lips and Lace - Mel Riddell

Last week I introduced you to Mel Riddell and shared the amazing photos she took of Ava (see here). Earlier this year I was lucky enough to spend a day working with Mel as her assistant. This was a great experience. Although I had been on photo shoots for work in the past they were usually for packaging, products or strangely enough, cemeteries. So this time it was a lot of fun to see the transformation of the models – their hair, makeup and wardrobe all being attended to. There is a lot of preparation behind the scenes for a relatively short time behind the camera.

Mel Riddell - Beauty Photography

It was a beautifully sunny day and the studio space was very cool. I really enjoyed a day of doing something so different from a normal day at work for me, it kind of felt like work experience all over again and I revelled in the newness of it all. So if anyone else out there has a unique opportunity for me, and want a helping hand for a day, let me know.