Our First Advent Calendar

Christmas (like most areas of my life) is a time when I have more ideas and plans than time to spare. This is illustrated perfectly in the Advent Calendar I chose to make this year. I had been inspired by my own crazy thoughts, materials at hand and the plethora of unique ideas out there in the wonderful world of the interwebs. I formed a picture in my mind of what I wanted  that I thought it was simple enough, but I was really biting off far more than I could chew resulting in some very late nights, trying to get it done around work and everyday life in time for the 1st of December.

Last year I spotted this lovely calendar on Young House Love. It was simple to implement and a clever use of Ikea fodder, but what i loved most was the idea of taking the decoration from it each day and hanging on the tree. It doesn’t involve chocolate or knick knacky toys, I decided this suited us perfectly and would love for it to become a tradition in our house.

Advent Calendar - Berry Blue Design

With some basic ideas of what I wanted to achieve, some inspiration from pinterest and some lovely lists on Buzzfeed and Creative Bloq I made the plan to create our advent calendar using an old ladder we had in our garage, with each of the 25 parcels wrapped in a different way, like little gifts.I didn’t want to go out and buy a lot of new materials so I used what I already had around the house to decorate the packages, designing each one as I went. This did take a bit of planning and a few had to be redone, due to some ideas just not working the way I intended and double ups that were too close together when assembled.

What I really should have picked up from all the images I looked at before completing this and something I definitely have learnt from creating this is that ‘simple is best’. Next year I think I will focus my energy on designing one lovely package, then repeating that 25 times. But who knows how I will feel by then.

Advent Calendar - Berry Blue Design

With all the work I put in I have to say it was worth it. I love the little details created by bringing the different materials together, like the rows of bows along the ladder steps and the contrast of the papers against the wood. I do worry however, how am I going to fit all those decorations on my teeny tiny tree.

Bows - the little details

If you follow me on instagram you will see most of the individual parcels there each day.

Photos by Berry Blue Design