Insta August 2013

August was a glorious month. I had my birthday and was completely spoiled. Daragh, Ava and I had a wonderful day at Docklands in Melbourne, having a lovely lunch and such a fun time ice skating. It had been so long since I had been skating and although the hire skates were terrible I was able to get into it. Ice Skating is one of those things that gives me a cheek ache from smiling, I love it.

The beautiful flowers in the top image are from the amazingly talented Jaclyn Roma. If you live in Melbourne and want to go Ice Skating check out The Icehouse and that delicious Jaffa Cake is from Ivanhoe Cakes. It was a flourless orange cake with a chocolate ganache, I highly recommend them.

Although I had been unbelievably busy throughout August, I managed to balance it with some wonderful family time and it just seemed filled with the optimism of things to come. I really do hope the rest of the year carries on this way.


Photos by Berry Blue Design