There is something about the colour pink that seems to capture some girls in a trance. It is a feminine, affectionate and romantic colour and although it is so closely related to the colour red, which stimulates aggression and passion, pink has the power to relax and actually create physical weakness.

Pink is a colour of happiness and has the power to remind us of carefree childhood days. Brighter pinks can give us energy, igniting confidence and encouraging action and paler pinks are relaxing, calming and have been linked with nurturing and maternal instincts.

Knowing all this, you can see why girls are naturally fall for the colour pink. Even a blue lover like myself can be drawn to the prettiness of pink and I must say I had so much fun planning this imaginary pink wedding. If I was a pink girly girl, my wedding would look something like this.

So Pretty SoPink

There are so many stunning pink dresses out there, this beautiful blush dress was spotted on Burnetts Boards.  Pink and the organic style of  Ginkgo Leaves, one if my designs that can be found on Berry Blue Design.

I love the simplicity of this elegant white cake I spotted on Wistful Weddings with the flower cake topper tying the colour in with the overall theme. That gorgeous vintage pink dress is by Posh Girl Vintage and the image of the beautiful bouquet is by photographer Lane Dittoe

Balloons can be used to great effect in wedding photography. These lovely Iced biscuits would be a nice way to make your own wedding favours or even a sweet addition to a candy bar (from Style Me Pretty) Pink Lemonade would make a unique centrepiece for the table, the recipe can be found on I am Blessed and those stunning vintage style shoes can be found on Lyst.

Some other facts about the colour Pink:

  • The color pink has a masculine association in Japan.
  • The color pink was not recognised in chinese culture until they had contact with the western world and the Chinese word for pink translates as “foreign color.”
  • Pink makes us crave sugar and as a result it has the power to make pastries (and other sweet food) taste better when they come out of pink boxes or served on pink plates.
  • Pink does not exist! (well it does, just not on the light spectrum There is no pink light)
Colour Facts were found on Sensational Color and Empower Yourself with Color Psychology