My best friends in the whole world need your help so for a moment I would like you to pretend they are your best friends and do them a solid – click on this link and vote for Aoife Wall and Simon Murphy. It doesn’t take too long and, I am sorry, but there isn’t a chance for you to win anything but it is a chance to help someone you don’t even know and possibly give them an amazing wedding.

Aoife and Simon have been together for 11 years and have three gorgeous girls. They have had a lot of experiences together but one thing they haven’t done is get married. Their big hurdle is the cash and although their ideal wedding doesn’t include a million dollar french chalet and they are extremely resourceful these things do require some mula.

Thankfully Bash Magazine have an amazing competition giving them the opportunity to win a €30k wedding package. So Simon, Aoife and their gorgeous girls headed to the beach and made a beautiful little vid of their family. Now they are in the final four and it is down to votes (this is where you come in) Help these guys have the wedding they have been waiting for… all you have to do is vote for Aoife Wall and Simon Murphy at

Now at this moment I would like to say thank you for voting :) There is more you can do. Please share the link with your friends and family and get everyone you know voting. Here is a poster, designed by Simon, that you can download, print and share with the world in your instagram pics.

Download printable PDF here and please share with the world!

Instagram the poster


Posters designed by Simon Murphy